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Scholarships for Community Education Classes


We are excited to present our newest initiative, the LifeLong Learning (LLL) Scholarship. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that we will continue offering the ANF Scholarship specifically tailored for Older Adults.

1) ANF Scholarships are made possible with generous support from an Anonymous Fund of the Marin Community Foundation. The ANF Scholarship, with a value of $50, is offered to eligible older adult students (over 55) participating in Community Education classes.

ANF Scholarships have been disbursed for Fall I term.
Please check back in October.

2) Lifelong Learning Scholarships are provided to support increased access to learning and enrichment. Students seeking financial support to participate in Community Education are encouraged to apply. The LLL scholarship, valued at $40, is available to students of all ages.

Lifelong Learning
Scholarships have been disbursed for Fall I term.
Please check back in October.

Please note: 
  • Scholarships can be utilized for any College of Marin Community Education class.
    • - ANF: $50 scholarship/term awarded
      - LLL: $40 scholarship/term awarded
  • Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Each scholarship will be applied at the time of a student’s enrollment (If a class costs more than the amount of the scholarship, the student will pay the remainder of the class fee).
  • Scholarships cannot be used to reimburse students for classes in which they have already enrolled.
  • Students must have a student profile before submitting a Scholarship application.