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Information for Au Pairs


Getting Started: Always check with your au pair program coordinator or area director to ensure your courses will be approved.

Inquiry/Questions? Contact us with any questions about classes or information about returning to College of Marin as an F-1 International Students.


Step 1: Pick A Program

If you have questions about the difference between earning hours or credits, please click here.

Community Education (Earn Hours)
  • Community Education classes are one of the most popular options for au pairs at College of Marin.
  • Classes are fun, offer flexible schedules, and are affordably priced. Classes are short-term (ranging from one-day workshops to seven-week classes), begin at many points throughout the year, and do not require homework.
Click here to view the current class schedule.
Credit Degree Program (Earn Credits)
  • Classes in the Degree Program are fully accredited college courses that are perfect for au pairs who plan on returning to the U.S. to earn a degree or who have a passion for a certain subject.
  • Classes are 16 weeks long and require class preparation, exams, homework, as well as projects inside and outside of class. Students earn a grade and college credit that is reflected on an official transcript. 
Click here for more information about the Credit program.
ESL (Earn Hours or Credits)
  • College of Marin offers ESL classes.
Email the International Office at for more information.

Step 2: Enrollment and Registration

Community Education

Community Education courses are open to everyone so you will not need to wait for enrollment confirmation or a student number. Simply pick a course and let the fun begin!

Registration is easy!

  1. Create an account
  2. Pick a course and add it to your cart
  3. Pay with a credit card

Click here for detailed information about creating an account, registering for classes, and how to pay.

Credit Degree Program

In order to enroll in Credit classes, you will first need to apply to College of Marin through the CCCApply portal. Start by filling out a College of Marin application and wait for your official confirmation email which will include your student ID number.
Click here for more information about the application and enrollment process.   

Intensive English and ESL:

For information about the Intensive English Program, contact the International Education Office at
To apply for credit and noncredit ESL classes, please visit the ESL Homepage.

Step 3: Course and Attendance Verification

Community Education Course Verification
  1. Let your instructor know that you will need attendance verification.
  2. Each student is required to track their hours of attendance and complete an Attendance Verification Form.
  3. At the end of each class, ask your instructor to sign your form to verify your hours of attendance. Instructors will only verify attendance for times when you are present.
  4. Follow all instructions on the Attendance Verification Form, and contact the International Education Office with any questions.

Credit Course Verification

Official transcripts can be printed from the College of Marin website after the course has been completed. Coursework cannot be verified before the end of the course.
Click here for transcript information.


ESL Course Completion

Attendance Verification for ESL classes is not available until the end of the class. For more information, please contact your ESL instructor.

Planning on applying for F1 International Student Status?

Many au pairs return to College of Marin as F1 international students after they have completed their au pair programs. We welcome au pairs to join the international student community and use their valuable au pair experience to become College of Marin student mentors and assist other students in acclimating to the U.S. and the COM experience!

Plan Early!

It is never too early to start planning how and when to apply for F1 status!

We encourage students to contact the International Education Office as soon as they start considering the process. The immigration process can take many months to complete, but the International Education Office and Enrollment Services will be there for you through each step!

Click here for more information!

Credits v. Hours

Most au pair programs require students to take 6 credits or 72 hours of coursework during their program year.

Hours can be earned in many different ways and are the most common way for au pairs at College of Marin to complete their program. Students can earn hours by taking any noncredit or not-for-credit recreational class. In general, it is much less expensive for students to earn hours when compared to credits.

Credits (or units) can only be taken in credit-bearing classes typically assigned to college-level coursework, for example, a business or math class. It is always beneficial to meet with an Academic Counselor before taking credit courses, as they may require preparatory classes called prerequisites or a high level of English.


Questions? We’re here to help!

Au pairs and host families are welcome to call or email the International Education Office with any questions regarding our classes, programs, attendance verification forms, or questions about changing status to F1.

Call: (415) 457-8811 Ext: 7740