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Using Your Smartphone to Capture The World Around You

Do you want your smartphone's pictures to match what you see—or more?  Learn to improve your photography skills, regardless of what smartphone you use.  Learn about the array of special apps available to enhance your images, capture panoramic vistas, and display the rich detail in the extreme lights and darks of your photos usually lost with most conventional smartphone camera apps.  Use your smartphone to its full potential to capture the world around you.
Students will learn the fundamentals of composition, point of view, as well as form, texture, and color principles true to all forms of photography and art.  Then learn how to enhance your images using affordable apps to add creative effects to convey emotion and passion.  You'll need a smart phone camera and patience to explore, practice, and play.  Emphasis will be on the iPhone, although photography principles apply to all smartphones.
Course ID/# : 629/9118
Fee: $56.00   Plus Materials Fee: $5.00

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