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Haddie Scholarship Fund

Applications for $50 scholarships are available!

Apply now for Winter 2018.
Winter 2018 Deadline: Fri, December 15, 2017

The Haddie Scholarship makes Community Education classes more accessible to older adults living and learning with limited income.

  • Any adult age 55 or older who can demonstrate financial need should apply! 

  • All scholarships for 2017-18 have a $50 value.

  • If awarded for a specific quarter (Winter, Spring, or Summer 2018) the scholarship can be used in the term for which it applies. 

  • Each $50 scholarship will be applied in advance of a student’s enrollment in an ESCOM/EC College of Marin Community Education class. (If a class costs more than $50, the student will pay the remainder of the course fee.)

  • Click here for an application for Winter 2018 or pick up an application in person at a Community Education office or ESCOM Center.

Apply now!* 

Winter 2018 Scholarship applications are available now. Submit yours at any time.

A fixed number of scholarships are available, and scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis to those who qualify.

Deadline for Winter 2018 applications: Friday, December 15, 2017

See the scholarship application form (link above) for information about how to submit a completed application.

Important  Note: Are you already a Haddie scholarship recipient for 2017-18 (Fall I, Fall II, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters)? If so, you do not need to reapply for a Winter 2018 scholarship at this time.

Purpose: The Haddie Fund has been made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor. The fund is intended to provide financial support allowing a greater number of older adults to partake in Commuity Education and ESCOM classes.

ESCOM Tuition Grant

*Update: As of December, 2016, the ESCOM Tuition Grant program is being temporarily suspended. Students 55 or better are encouraged to apply for a Haddie Scholarship. See above for details!