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Scholarships for Older Adults

Apply for a $100 Haddie Scholarship for
Winter & Spring 2019!

Click here to download a Winter & Spring 2019 Haddie Scholarship application. 

Submit your completed application by:
1) e-mailing it to with your name and "WinterSpring Haddie" in the subject line (please double-check that all info is complete), or
2) dropping it off at a Community Education office during office hours. 
  • Any adult age 55 or older with financial need should apply!
  • If awarded, the Haddie Scholarship can be utilized for class registration for two quarters: Winter 2019 ($50 scholarship), and Spring 2019 ($50 scholarship).
  • Each $50 scholarship will be applied at the time of a student’s enrollment in an EC College of Marin Community Education class.* If a class costs more than $50, the student will pay the remainder of the course fee.
  • One scholarship per student per quarter.
November 26/27, 2019: Applications available online and in Community Education Offices.
When to Apply: Scholarships are limited and awarded on a first come, first served basis. Apply ASAP to qualify.

*Please note that the $50 scholarship cannot be applied to reimburse a student for an EC College of Marin Community Education class in which they have already enrolled.

Haddie Scholarship 2018-19
**Students already awarded a 2018-19 Haddie Scholarship (a value of $265) do not qualify for the WinterSpring 2019 scholarship.
Due to high demand, all year-long 2018-19 Haddie Scholarships (a value of $265) have been awarded.
Please see information above for scholarships available at this time.

Haddie Scholarships are made available by the Haddie Fund, which has been made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor. The fund provides financial support allowing a greater number of older adults to partake in Community Education ESCOM/EC courses.

ESCOM Tuition Grant
*Update: As of December, 2016, the ESCOM Tuition Grant program was temporarily suspended. Students 55 or better are encouraged to apply for a Haddie Scholarship.