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Learning to Use an Adjustable Camera

If you are new to owning an adjustable camera or just need to get more familiar with all the knobs and dials, then you’ve come to right class! You’ll learn the basics of photography through the "exposure triangle" and understand the inherent trade-offs that must be chosen. You learn what the most important thing is in photography, and how to use it to your advantage no matter what camera you’re using. After you learn the language of photography, you’ll learn to tell a story with your images. See how to capture the emotion of the moment and create captivating photographs that draw people in. And finally, you’ll be introduced to organizing and optimizing your images with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. While enhancing your images to their full potential used to be limited to those willing to invest in the space and equipment required for a darkroom, the computer is the new darkroom and available to everyone. As the noted photographer Alfred Stieglitz said, "own a camera without a darkroom is like owning a leash without a dog."
Course ID/# : 909/9123
Fee: $77.00   Plus Materials Fee: $5.00

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