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Macro Photography

Come celebrate the natural world and learn how to photograph close up where the inside of a flower becomes a world of it’s own. Carrying on the tradition and spirit of the late photographer, Ernest Braun, we’ll practice "wet elly" photography--the art of laying down prone, seeing and feeling the magic before you, and letting time drift away as you hotograph and push yourself to explore visually in new ways.

Students will receive group and individual support with time split between learning the tools and techniques of macro photography and shooting in the field.

You’ll will need a camera that can focus to within a few inches of the lens, hopefully using a macro lens, extension tube, or close up lenses, a tripod, preferably one that can be extended to lay close to the ground, and patience to explore, practice, and play.
Course ID/# : 841/9120
Fee: $57.00   Plus Materials Fee: $3.00

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